On being an entrepreneur

This weekend as I drove my children to numerous birthday parties and grad parties, I noticed many lemonade stands along the roads.  I always smile as I pass them, and often stop to buy.  These kids have taken the initiative to go out, fill a need on a hot day, and earn some money doing it.  That right there is the heart of entrepreneurship.  I think of my own youth and ventures in sales.  We had flowering bushes called a 4-o’clocks growing in our yard.  They would bloom early in the morning, and when the blooms were done, there would be a black seed inside.  My brother and I used to collect the seeds, put them into baggies, and go door to door with our wagon trying to sell them to the neighbors for a quarter.  We sold them.  Who doesn’t have a quarter for a couple of cute kids selling flower seeds after all?  But that is really where it all began.  I’m not saying I had a great desire to grow up and be in sales.  What I had, was a great desire to grow up and make my own way.  It makes sense really, whether you look at life from a nurture, or nature viewpoint, it was around me.  My grandmother owned a paint store, my grandfather owned a lumber yard, my father ran a photography studio for a time, that my mother helped with, and ultimately my longest job was working for my father installing vacuum coating machines in his company.  Is it genetic?  Is it environment?  Does it matter?  I was surrounded by it, and I have deep family roots in it.  I was destined to become an entrepreneur.  What it took though, was the right opportunity to present itself.  And now, I love what I do, I am passionate about bringing health to friends, family, and anyone who wants change.  I love my team, and being able to help them to see how rewarding it can be.  In a few days, I leave to go on a leadership conference to Cancun with a handful of other people in the company.  You had to earn your way there to go.  It is a great honor to me to be among the other leaders, but at the same time, I know this is where I am supposed to be.  This is my calling.  And I am excited about what training and knowledge I will be able to bring home to the team.

I want to encourage all of you to stop and buy a lemonade, or a cookie, or whatever it is those kids on the street are selling.  Because these are budding entrepreneurs and I feel we should encourage them to keep it up!  Tell them good job, tell them your story, and maybe even leave them a tip.  You might just be talking to a future inventor, a designer, a coach, or someone who will leave a mark on the world with their great leadership and entrepreneurial spark.