Adulting isn’t always easy!

I have 3 kids still at home, and this week has been a challenge for sure.  My 16 year old is experiencing some “woman” issues that require medical intervention and my 5 year old has been fighting a fever and cough all week.  Thank goodness the 13 year old is healthy right now!  Do you ever find yourself in those moments where you feel completely overwhelmed, maybe even drowning from the chaos and busyness of life?  That has been my week: filled with doctor visits, a trip to the ER, helping with homework, watching school concerts, filling out paperwork for next school year, oh yeah, and running a business too!  How do I make it all work? Well, a big part is the love and support of my family, but it takes dedication, planning, faith, and perseverance to pull it all off!

One of the things we learn about ourselves when we undertake such a journey, is what we are really made of.  This crazy busy life can feel like it’s too much at times, but when I step back and look at where I am and how far I have come, I know I am on the right path!  I have gained an incredible amount of confidence and a belief that if I do what it takes to succeed, then I will succeed.  I don’t let the world tell me who to be or how to live my life.  Every morning I spend a few moments in prayer, because God is amazing, and I want to be sure to praise Him for all the good he does in my life.  Also sometimes I need things, and he will guide my day and steer me in the right direction.  My faith is a core part of who I am.  And I can tell you, the more time I spend in the Word, and in prayer, the better my day goes.  Journaling is another important step to my day.  It helps me to stay positive, and it gives me direction for what I want to accomplish and how I am at staying on task for my goals.  Recently, I took steps to make sure I dedicated time specifically for my business.  This was HUGE for me.  I cannot stress enough how important this is.  As a business owner, it is too easy to allow work to spill into all areas of our lives.  My kids were suffering from my lack of schedule which pulled me into work activities during time I could have been with them.  Now if I put the hours in, doing money making activities during my scheduled hours, my children can have my full attention in the off hours.  This gives me the chance to get my bum kicked in chess by my 13 year old chess wiz.  I hate chess by the way, but I play with him because it is his favorite thing, and I am getting better.  Who knows, maybe it will grow on me when I don’t stink at it so much any more!!!  I get to sit and snuggle with the 5 year old, and color pictures, or read stories together.  I get to take the 16 year old shopping, or sit and listen to her talk about her day, and about the boy and all the fun crazy dramatic things that happen in teen world.

So in moments like this, where the littles are all off at school, for another week anyway, I can focus on things work related, and leave time for them too.  I love my crazy busy life, and I wouldn’t give it up for anything, but taking charge of the day and not getting swept up by chaos makes it so much easier to handle!  Being intentional with your time can help you when those hard adulting moments sneak up and throw you off your game.  And remember, when it gets really tough, you must be getting close to success, so keep driving through because you are going to love it on the other side!


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