Why am I here?

This is a new experience for me.  But I felt led to start this blog as a way to share some of my passions, and experiences in my life.  I have always felt like I was a good storyteller, so why not share some of that with the world.  I also love photography and thought this would be a place I could share and flourish.  I have 4 kids, 3 at home and one is out on his own learning to make a way for himself.

I am active in my church and feel I have a gift for serving others. My nature is a nurturer and I truly want to see everyone around me healthy and happy.  In my journey to find my own health and happiness, I will be sharing stories of ways that I find to help me.  One of my huge successes was to read the Bible last year.  My church started a read through the Bible program about 4 years ago, and I started it then, but didn’t finish. Same story the next year, then I didn’t try for a bit. Last year in 2016, we had an accountability group that met a few times a month to talk about what we read, and all of us in that group made it through! It was such an accomplishment for me!

Another thing that happened last summer, was that my husband got me to fall in love with cycling.  I am far from experienced, or in shape, and I don’t ride through the cold months, but it is something I absolutely love. We started going on family rides, with the 5 year old being towed behind my husband.  I am learning to tow her as well, and oh my goodness that is so much harder than it sounds!!

And lastly, I have a passion for food. But not just any food, food that tastes good, without being bad for you. I will share some of my finds here, because there really are some great recipes, and some people who have nailed the healthy alternative thing. For example, I found a recipe for a bar, that tastes almost exactly like a girl scout samoa cookie, but it has no sugar, no gluten, and is actually pretty healthy. And no lie, my kids devour these things!

So thanks for reading, feel free to share stories, recipes, and whatnot. I hope you enjoy the ride.


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